Character List


Tom Sawyer The main character of the novel. Everything revolves around him, and, except for a few brief chapters, he is present in every chapter.

Aunt Polly Tom's aunt and legal guardian. She loves Tom dearly, but she does not know how to control him.

Sidney Tom's half brother who plays the role of the obedient boy but who is, in reality, a sneak and a tattletale.

Mary Tom's cousin. She likes Tom very much but wants to change him and resorts to bribing him to be good.

Becky Thatcher The pretty new girl to whom Tom is attracted. When trapped in the cave, she proves to be resolute and worthy of Tom's affections.

Huckleberry Finn (Huck) The son of the town drunk, Huck has been the outcast from society his entire life. The adults look upon him as a disgrace and a bad influence; the youngsters look at him with envy because he has complete freedom to do whatever he likes.

Widow Douglas The wealthiest person in the town, she is good, kindhearted, and generous. Because of her nature, Injun Joe's planned revenge--mutilating her--becomes that much more horrible. She is saved by the activities of Huck Finn and becomes his guardian.

Injun Joe He is the villain, the essence of evil in the novel.

Muff Potter The harmless old drunk who is framed for Dr. Robinson's murder (which was actually committed by Injun Joe).

Joe Harper Tom's closest friend and second in command in Tom's adventures. He is not as clever as Tom is, nor is he the leader that Tom is. On Jackson's Island, Joe is the first to want to return to the security of home.

Judge Thatcher (and Mrs. Thatcher) Becky's parents who are highly esteemed members of the community. The Judge uses his authority to seal up the opening to the cave to protect other youngsters and, in doing so, inadvertently seals up Injun Joe.

Mr. Dobbins The schoolmaster. At the end of the school year, the entire school conspires to play a trick on him.

Mr. Walters The Sunday school superintendent who is overly dedicated to his job.

The Reverend Mr. Sprague The pastor of the village church.

Alfred Temple A new boy from St. Louis. Becky uses him to make Tom jealous.

Willie Mufferson The "model boy" for all of the parents and a despicable creature to all the boys.

Amy Lawrence Tom's sweetheart--until he meets Becky Thatcher.

Dr. Robinson The young doctor who is murdered while trying to obtain a body for medical studies.

Mr. Jones (or the Welshman) He and his sons are instrumental in saving the Widow Douglas from the vicious Injun Joe.

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