Study Help Essay Questions


1. Compare and contrast the characters of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer.

2. Discuss the characteristics of Jim and how or if he qualifies as a heroic figure.

3. Discuss Huck's struggle with his conscience and how or if he qualifies as a heroic figure.

4. Compare and contrast the environment on shore and the environment on the raft.

5. Discuss Huck's statement, "All right, then, I'll go to hell."

6. Discuss the use of satire in the novel and how Twain uses different types of humor for social commentary.

7. Discuss the theme of romanticism versus realism.

8. Discuss Twain's use of Huck Finn as the narrator and how Huck's literal voice impacts the novel.

9. Discuss Huck's view of religion, especially his idea of two types of Providence and the characters that represent each type.

10. Discuss the novel as a realistic portrayal of American racism before and after the Civil War.