As You Like It By William Shakespeare Act IV: Scene 1

Marry, to say, — she came to seek you there. You shall never
take her without her answer, unless you take her without her
tongue. O, that woman that cannot make her fault her husband's
occasion, let her never nurse her child herself, for she will
breed it like a fool.

For these two hours, Rosalind, I will leave thee.

Alas, dear love, I cannot lack thee two hours!

I must attend the duke at dinner; by two o'clock I
will be with thee again.

Ay, go your ways, go your ways; I knew what you would
prove; my friends told me as much, and I thought no less: — that
flattering tongue of yours won me: — 'tis but one cast away,
and so, — come death! — Two o'clock is your hour?

Ay, sweet Rosalind.

By my troth, and in good earnest, and so God mend me, and
by all pretty oaths that are not dangerous, if you break one jot
of your promise, or come one minute behind your hour, I will
think you the most pathetical break-promise, and the most hollow
lover, and the most unworthy of her you call Rosalind, that may
be chosen out of the gross band of the unfaithful: therefore
beware my censure, and keep your promise.

With no less religion than if thou wert indeed my Rosalind: so,

Well, Time is the old justice that examines all such
offenders, and let time try: adieu!


You have simply misus'd our sex in your love-prate: we must
have your doublet and hose plucked over your head, and show
the world what the bird hath done to her own nest.

O coz, coz, coz, my pretty little coz, that thou didst know
how many fathom deep I am in love! But it cannot be sounded:
my affection hath an unknown bottom, like the bay of Portugal.

Or rather, bottomless; that as fast as you pour affection
in, it runs out.

No; that same wicked bastard of Venus, that was begot of
thought, conceived of spleen, and born of madness; that blind
rascally boy, that abuses every one's eyes, because his own are
out, let him be judge how deep I am in love. — I'll tell thee,
Aliena, I cannot be out of the sight of Orlando: I'll go find
a shadow, and sigh till he come.

And I'll sleep.


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