Character List


Addie Bundren The dying mother, who has ordered her coffin to be built under her window and who has extracted a promise from her family that they will take her to Jefferson to bury her.

Anse Bundren Her bumbling and ineffectual husband, who is anxious to take Addie to Jefferson so he can get some false teeth.

Cash Their oldest son, who is the carpenter and who builds the coffin for Addie. He is about twenty-nine.

Darl The second son, about twenty-eight. He is the son most given to introspection and thought.

Jewel The violent son, who owns the horse and who is ten years younger than Darl.

Dewey Dell The sixteen-year-old, unmarried pregnant daughter who is trying to find a way to have an abortion.

Vardaman The youngest son. His age is never given.

Vernon Tull The helpful neighbor who has helped Anse so long that he can't quit now.

Cora His wife, who spews forth self-righteous religious axioms.

Peabody The town doctor, who weighs over two hundred pounds.

Samson The neighbor where the Bundrens spend the first night of the journey.

Armstid Another country farmer who helps the Bundrens during the journey.

Whitfield The preacher who years ago had an affair with Addie and who conducts her funeral.

Moseley The ethical druggist in a small town who is indignant at Dewey Dell's request that he help her with an abortion.

MacGowan An unethical druggist's assistant who deceives Dewey Dell.

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