Summary and Analysis Act IV: Scene 8



The battle continues. Antony is next to the walls of Alexandria, and he tells his men to report to Cleopatra how well the battle is going. At that point, Cleopatra enters and greets them all. Antony takes Scarus's hand and presents him to Cleopatra. She congratulates him for his valor, and Antony embraces her. They are delighted with the battle's progress thus far, and they predict a complete victory by the next day. They leave then, preparing to celebrate that evening in anticipation of their victory.


This scene has ironic overtones; Antony's preparations for his victory celebration are premature. In addition, his adoration for Cleopatra seems as changeable and unpredictable as the weather. Based on the earlier behavior of both lovers, we wonder when the next lapse in trust and the resulting quarrel between them will occur.