Summary and Analysis Act IV: Scene 15



The scene opens at Cleopatra's monument, or tomb. Cleopatra is being comforted by her attendants when Diomedes enters to tell them what has happened to Antony. Shortly thereafter, Antony is carried in on a stretcher by his soldiers and is raised up to the balcony. There, he makes a farewell speech and bids Cleopatra to seek safety from Caesar. But Cleopatra refuses, and as Antony dies, she faints, mourning the loss of the only person who made her life worth living. She vows to bury him in Roman fashion, and, in addition, she vows to follow his example. As the scene ends, she and her women carry Antony's body away.


Here we have proof that Cleopatra truly loved Antony. Yet we shall still see one last bit of her wily scheming as she deceives her Roman captors long enough to end her own life and follow Antony.