Character List


Mark Antony A middle-aged Roman general who rules the Roman Empire along with Lepidus and Octavius Caesar. He is torn between his desire for Cleopatra and the demands of his position as a world ruler.

Octavius Caesar The adopted son of Julius Caesar, his grand-uncle, he is only in his early twenties, but he is determined to ultimately be the sole ruler of the Roman Empire.

Lepidus As a member of the Triumvirate, he serves as a mediator between Antony and Caesar, the two rivals; he has no real power of his own.

Cleopatra She is aware of her duties as Queen of Egypt, but she is deeply infatuated with Antony; her heroic courage is revealed when she and Antony are defeated and she chooses to die in Egypt, rather than return to Rome as a captive.

Octavia She becomes engaged to Antony in order to cement a political and military truce between Antony and her brother, Caesar.

Sextus Pompeius (Pompey) Formerly a Roman, Pompey left Rome with a faction that included several pirates and some of Julius Caesar's navy. He attempted to form his own kingdom, and he is able to cause the Triumvirate trouble by plundering their ships.

Enobarbus Antony's trusted lieutenant and close friend; eventually, he deserts the man he both admires and pokes fun at, yet he later commits suicide in remorse.

Ventidius Another of Antony's officers, he is sent to fight the Parthians. He is a brave and capable general and is absolutely loyal to Antony.

Searus Another of Antony's officers; he serves as Antony's aide after Enobarbus deserts his general.

Dercetas He is one of the first to find Antony after Antony has tried to kill himself. Dercetas deserts to Caesar's faction, taking Antony's sword as a sign that the enemy is almost defeated.

Demetrius and Philo These friends of Antony's are among those who go with him to Egypt. They long to see their general as he was before he fell in love and forgot about his political and military duties.

Canidius He is a Lieutenant General to Antony, but he deserts Antony's camp for Caesar's faction after Antony's first major defeat.

Euphronius He serves as an ambassador from Antony to Caesar.

Fulvia She does not appear in the play, but she is Antony's first wife.

Taurus As lieutenant General to Caesar, his strategies help Caesar to win the war against the forces of Antony and Cleopatra.

Maecenas An officer and a friend of Caesar; when the triumvirs meet at the house of Lepidus in Rome to effect a truce, Maecenas is present.

Agrippa Another friend of Caesar; along with Maecenas, he never judges Antony quite as lightly as does his general.

Proculeius This friend of Caesar acts as a messenger and tells Cleopatra on behalf of Caesar that she need not be afraid for her welfare.

Dolabella Unlike Proculeius, Dolabella feels pity for Cleopatra and warns her that Caesar's promises to her may be empty ones.

Thyreus He also acts as a messenger, telling Cleopatra of Antony's defeat and Octavius's victory.

Charmian She is one of Cleopatra's closest friends and court confidantes.

Iras Another of Cleopatra's attendants.

Alexas A servant of Cleopatra who acts as a messenger between her and Antony.

Mardian This member of Cleopatra's entourage is a eunuch, a fact which Cleopatra enjoys teasing him about.

Menas A pirate; he advises Pompey to take the triumvirs captive and have them murdered while they are attending a banquet aboard his ship.

Menecrates As a chief officer of Pompey, he helps his general plan strategies.

Varrius He is warlike and ambitious, like Pompey, but he is less unscrupulous than Menas.

Eros and Gallus Eros is a friend of Antony's; Gallus is a friend of Caesar's.

Silius An officer in Ventidius's army.

Seleucus and Diomedes Attendants to Cleopatra.

A Soothsayer A fortuneteller who tells Charmian that she will outlive Cleopatra.