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binders machines that both reap and bind grain.

Brussels carpet a patterned carpeting made of small loops of colored woolen yarn in a linen warp.

carpet bag an old-fashioned type of traveling bag, made of carpeting.

chaff the husks of wheat or other grain separated in threshing or winnowing.

clamps piles of straw or peat under which potatoes are grown.

Clementine and La Cucaracha two popular folk songs.

cutter a small, light sleigh, usually drawn by one horse.

eighteen hands high a "hand" is a four-inch unit of measurement used to describe the height of horses; eighteen hands therefore equals 72 inches.

gill a unit of liquid measure, equal to 1/4 pint or 4 fluid ounces.

harrows frames with spikes or sharp-edged disks, drawn by a horse or tractor and used for breaking up and leveling plowed ground, covering seeds, rooting up weeds, etc.

John Bull, Tit-Bits and The Daily Mirror British periodicals.

knacker a person who buys and slaughters worn-out horses and sells their flesh as dog's meat.

mangel-wurzels a variety of large beet, used as food for cattle.

Midsummer's Eve the night before the summer solstice, about June 21.

News of the World a popular periodical.

paddock a small field or enclosure near a stable, in which horses are exercised.

porkers hogs, especially young ones, fattened for use as food.

publican a saloonkeeper; innkeeper.

Queen Victoria 1819-1901; queen of Great Britain & Ireland (1837-1901): empress of India (1876-1901): granddaughter of George III.

spinney a small wood; copse.

tushes tusks.

whelped gave birth to: said of some animals; here, meaning a litter of puppies was born.

windfalls apples blown down by the wind from trees.

Windsor chair a style of wooden chair, esp. popular in eighteenth-century England and America, with spreading legs, a back of spindles, and usually a saddle seat.

wireless set a radio.