Character List


The Animals

Major An old boar whose speech about the evils perpetrated by humans rouses the animals into rebelling. His philosophy concerning the tyranny of Man is named Animalism by his followers. He also teaches the song "Beasts of England" to the animals.

Snowball A boar who becomes one of the rebellion's most valuable leaders. After drawing complicated plans for the construction of a windmill, he is chased off of the farm forever by Napoleon's dogs and thereafter used as a scapegoat for the animals' troubles.

Napoleon A boar who, with Snowball, leads the rebellion against Jones. After the rebellion's success, he systematically begins to control all aspects of the farm until he is an undisputed tyrant.

Squealer A porker pig who becomes Napoleon's mouthpiece. Throughout the novel, he displays his ability to manipulate the animals' thoughts through the use of hollow yet convincing rhetoric.

Boxer A dedicated but dimwitted horse who aids in the building of the windmill but is sold to a glue-boiler after collapsing from exhaustion.

Mollie A vain horse who prefers ribbons and sugar over ideas and rebellion. She is eventually lured off the farm with promises of a comfortable life.

Clover A motherly horse who silently questions some of Napoleon's decisions and tries to help Boxer after his collapse.

Benjamin A cynical, pessimistic donkey who continually undercuts the animals' enthusiasm with his cryptic remark, "Donkeys live a long time."

Moses A tame raven and sometimes-pet of Jones who tells the animals stories about a paradise called Sugarcandy Mountain.

Bluebell, Jessie, and Pincher Three dogs. The nine puppies born between Jessie and Bluebell are taken by Napoleon and raised to be his guard dogs.

The Humans

Mr. Jones The often-drunk owner of Manor Farm, later expelled from his land by his own animals. He dies in an inebriates' home after abandoning his hopes to reclaim his farm.

Mrs. Jones Jones' wife, who flees from the farm when the animals rebel.

Mr. Whymper A solicitor hired by Napoleon to act as an intermediary in Animal Farm's trading with neighboring farms.

Mr. Pilkington The owner of Foxwood, a neighboring and neglected farm. He eventually sells some of his land to Napoleon and, in the novel's final scene, toasts to Napoleon's success.

JonesMr. Frederick An enemy of Pilkington and owner of Pinchfield, another neighboring farm. Known for "driving hard bargains," Frederick swindles Napoleon by buying timber from him with counterfeit money. He later tries to attack and seize Animal Farm but is defeated.