Study Help Essay Questions


1. Remarque's novel presents nature in many moods and for many purposes. Discuss Remarque's use of nature throughout the novel, using examples when possible.

2. This World War I novel is a story of powerful bonding among men. Using examples from the book, explain how Remarque develops his idea of comradeship in the face of battle.

3. Study the few places where women enter Remarque's novel. What role do they play in his book?

4. From the very title of the novel through the grim ending, Remarque uses irony. Using several examples from the myriad choices, explain his use of irony in the novel.

5. Discuss Remarque's extensive use of simile, particularly in comparing the battlefield with nature.

6. The progress of the war can be seen though the author's descriptions of the few comforts of the front. Paul and his friends are constantly occupied with the search for food, shelter, and the creature comforts. How can the reader follow the progress of the war through their search?

7. Was Paul's death at the end of the novel a blessing or a tragedy? Take a stand and defend your opinion based on the incidents of the novel.

8. Using specific examples from the novel, show how Remarque's descriptions of life at the front seem to reduce humans to animals.