Character Analysis Mrs. Poyser


Mrs. Poyser is one in a long tradition of English comic characters with rough exteriors but hearts of gold. She is an outspoken farmwife who disguises her kind and generous nature by expressing herself loudly, bluntly, and usually critically on every conceivable issue. No dominated female, she runs her house and her family with energy and efficiency, and she is absolutely fearless, as she demonstrates when she routs Arthur's grandfather. Although she is not developed as completely as the central characters are, Mrs. Poyser is not one-sided; she can become extremely aggressive, but at the same time she reacts sympathetically to people and is always ready to help them. Although she disapproves of Hetty's vanity, she is fond of the girl, and, unlike her husband and father-in-law, she does not selfishly condemn her when she gets into trouble. An extremely vital figure, Mrs. Poyser reacts strongly in every situation and keeps the action moving with her lively and vivid chatter.