What would a raging river be like?

Writers sometimes describe elements of nature with words that relate to the range of human emotions: an angry sky (or sea), a joyful brook, or a melancholy season. When we read or hear those kinds of metaphorical references, we quickly develop an image of intensity. A stormy sky corresponds to the agitation of an angry person. A joyful brook bubbles along as though in high spirits. Autumn is the melancholy season, when nature swaps out leafy green for rust across the landscape. Now, what does a raging river conjure up in your mind? By definition, rage is all about violence and furious action. Picture a channel of water rippling along, softly flowing over stones and logs in its path. Calm waters, right? Now imagine waves, downward drops, swirling pools, and a forward surge that looks like a mad dash downstream. Embodying a sense of power and force out of control, a raging river is one best left off the list for boat exploration. The river — and its passengers — might become equally upset!