CliffsNotes Anatomy and Physiology Review provides a concise, comprehensive review of concepts essential to the study of the human body. With a personalized curriculum and engaging games that test your knowledge, you will learn about the human body and its many complex systems.

You can shape this course to fit your own personal style for study and review—you decide what works best for your needs. Use it from start to finish or just look in the Study Plan for the information you want. Either way, you’ll get test score reports you can use to further focus your study.

We offer a three month subscription plan designed with your academic calendar in mind:

CliffsNotes Test Prep 3 Month Subscription

Pop Quiz!

Candy worth 30 cents a pound is mixed with candy worth 12 cents a pound to make a mixture of 300 pounds worth 18 cents a pound. How many pounds of the more expensive candy must be used?

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