Are there any MBA programs that don't require the GMAT?

About half the major business schools in the United States don't require the GMAT for admissions into an MBA program, but many times, you'll have to meet exact conditions to get out of taking the test. For example, Stanford doesn't require the GMAT, but you'll have to take the GRE in its place. Duke doesn't require the GMAT for applicants who wish to enter its global executive program (all other MBA applicants must take it). New York University, Emory University, and other schools will waive the GMAT for applicants with extensive professional experience, while the University of North Carolina will waive the test if an applicant has a PhD or a master's degree in a highly technical field.

Still other schools will waive the GMAT if your undergraduate GPA and course load surpass a particular threshold. This last trend seems to be especially popular at schools offering online programs, such as the University of Phoenix.

Check with the schools you're thinking about attending to find out their exact admissions policies for the MBA program. If you find a school that doesn't require the GMAT — especially if its other admissions requirements seem simple — be sure to make sure the school is accredited and has a solid reputation among professionals. The last thing you need is a worthless MBA from some fly-by-night operation (and they are out there).