Who is the character Susan in Romeo and Juliet?

Juliet's attendant, referred to as the Nurse throughout Romeo and Juliet, devotes her attention to the young Capulet as she would have her own daughter, Susan. Born on the same day as Juliet, Susan died from causes not revealed within Shakespeare's popular tragedy about feuding families and ill-fated teenage sweethearts. The Nurse, whose given name is Angelica, plays a key role within the work, acting as a confidante and messenger for Juliet and her secret suitor. Although Angelica cares deeply for the 13-year-old girl who's been in her care since birth, she ultimately tries to turn off Juliet's interests in Romeo. Juliet seeks help elsewhere in response to the Nurse's suggestion that she marry the man her father has picked for her, rather than her true love.  Of course, in the end, things don't work out well for Romeo and Juliet!