I need to download some pictures of Juliet. Where would I find these?

Once again, we can rely on good ol' Google to help us find photos of Juliet. Specifically, we will use Google Images.

You can arrive at Google Images by heading to Google and clicking the "Images" text link, or by typing in http://images.google.com directly into your browser's URL window. Now type "Juliet" into the search input box and click the Search button. The results of the search should contain plenty of photos from all over the Internet related to your "Juliet" search. As you might have noticed, some are related to Romeo & Juliet, and some are just of a girl in New Hampshire named Juliet. To fine-tune your search, you could also try text strings such as "Romeo and Juliet", to see what different results Google returns.

If Google doesn't float your boat, other search engines offer similar image search services. For example, Yahoo! offers an image search feature at http://search.yahoo.com/images and Ask.com image search can be found by visiting http://pictures.ask.com/.

After you find and download the photos you are looking for, remember to respect the copyright of the original artist. This means that you should not claim any of the photos as your own (which is common sense), nor should you publish the image without the artist's permission. If you use the photo in a paper you're writing, give credit to the artist and source of the photo.