How do you pronounce Cymbeline, one of Shakespeare's early comedies?

Online dictionaries can simplify tricky words, phrases, and proper names through an audio feature that delivers the pronunciation — just like a human being standing before you! For example, you can follow this link to hear the word Cymbeline pronounced.

Although the given pronunciation sim-buh-leen gives you enough information to sound out the syllables, a click to the loudspeaker symbol alongside the word Cymbeline tells you right out loud whether you're looking at short or long vowel sounds. You also hear where to place the emphasis, otherwise known as accent or stress, in the word.

If you use dictionary pronunciation now and then, you'll notice that the handy feature not only gives you clear enunciation and the ability to replay the word endlessly: You get the pleasure of "meeting" the sound units of speech played out sometimes in a male voice and sometimes in feminine articulation.