Do you think that Mormons are Christians? What is the full name of the Mormon Church?

Perhaps no other question about Mormonism is raised as frequently as this one you're asking: Are Mormons Christian? Mormons, of course, believe that they're Christians because they worship Jesus Christ and strive to follow his example. So at this basic level, how could they not be Christian?

Well, it seems that it all depends on the individual, and how he or she chooses to define the word Christian. If the word simply means "one who professes belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ," then the answer is an absolute yes, Mormons are Christian. But the people who ask this question sometimes don't think that's good enough. For example, they may call Mormons non-Christians because Mormons reject the Trinity as other Christian churches define it: that God is one ultimate being with three persons. So if that's the true and final test, Mormons don't pass.

And there are a few other issues to consider. Some people don't think Mormons are Christians because they've added other books to the scripture (the Bible). Another point of contention centers on priesthood authority. Many different Christian churches disagree with each other's beliefs and practices but still accept each other's ordinances, such as baptism. However, Mormons believe that the priesthood was lost from the earth until God restored it through Joseph Smith. As a result, Mormons believe that other churches, no matter how much good they do, don't possess full authority from God, and converts to Mormonism have to be baptized again even if they were already baptized into another Christian church. As you can imagine, members of some Christian churches find this insulting.

The Mormon church has used the tagline "Christian but different." In other words, Mormons consider themselves Christians, but acknowledge that their beliefs and practices are not the same as traditional Christianity. It might help to think about adding "Mormon Christian" to the other kinds of Christians already out there: Evangelical Christians, Protestant Christians, Eastern Orthodox Christians, Roman Catholic Christians, Amish Christians, and on and on.

The full name of Mormonism is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is often referred to as the LDS church.