How do I pull together all the notes I've taken to study for a test?

Type up your notes from the various sources, putting "like" information together. Ideally, you want to review your notes soon after the class and fill in any gaps.

Create an outline of the key points, and then fill in the details under the main and subpoints.

Use a two-column grid. On the left hand, write questions you have (or questions you think may be asked). On the right hand side, briefly list the answers to the questions.

If you use a column method to list questions, but don't know the answer, flag areas where you need to do more research in the left column. You can then find the answers either in your textbook, from your instructor or in a study group.

Use visual mapping methods to record the main idea and then show how other themes, concepts, and facts relate and tie together with this subject area. A visual map is like a graphic outline; you write the information in a way that illustrates how the ideas relate.

For instance, you usually start with a main idea written in the center of the paper. You then add key facts to the main idea, using lines to connect them. For the key facts, you can add other supporting information underneath or connected with lines.