How do I convince my parents to spend a few extra bucks to upgrade from a dial-up connection to broadband like a cable modem or DSL? They say I have to give some benefits for spending extra.

Before you start your sales pitch to your parents, consider preparing a list of reasons why you need, or want, to upgrade your dial-up connection to broadband. List reasons that will show how the upgrade will benefit both you and your parents.

Make sure they understand how much faster Web pages and files will load with broadband compared to dial-up, hence you'll spend far less time sitting around waiting for the Internet to do its thing. And don't forget to point out that you won't be tying up the phone line for hours at a time anymore, either (or, if yours is a family of cell phones, you might be able to ditch the expensive landline altogether).

Generally, broadband Internet is the right choice for any household in which family members

  • Surf the Internet for a few hours each day
  • Play games online
  • Regularly download video or music
  • Shop online
  • Have multiple home computers that need Internet access
  • Need the phone line to be free while surfing the Internet

You might also try to lay out the price differences of dial-up and broadband, to help them get an idea of the additional cash that might need to be added to the Internet access budget.