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CliffsNotes GMAT Cram Plan, 2nd Edition


Whether you have two months, one month, or even just a week left before the GMAT, we have a trusted and achievable cram plan to help you ace the GMAT!


GMAT Test Dates

You can take the GMAT anytime during the year by making an appointment. The cost of taking the test is $250. Visit the official GMAT test site to make an appointment.

GMAT Test Centers

GMAT test centers are located all over the world. Visit the official GMAT test site to find a test center near you.


ACT or SAT: Choosing the Right College Entrance Exam

As you near the end of your high school career and begin considering college, you're faced with two testing options: the ACT and the SAT. Most colleges accept scores from either test and don't place any more weight on one test over the other, so the choice is really up to you. But how do you choose?