Grad School Entrance Exams

Want to go to post-graduate school? CliffsNotes has great resources that can help you do well on not only the GRE, but also profession-specific tests (such as the GMAT, LSAT, or nursing school tests).

GMAT: A Brief History

GMAT: Data-Sufficiency Practice Questions

GMAT: Format of the GMAT CAT

GMAT: How Analysis of an Argument Is Graded

GMAT: How Analysis of an Issue Is Graded

DAT: Biology Section, Sample Questions

DAT: Subjects to Know, Time Allowed

DAT Test Prep: Sample Chemistry Questions

DAT: What to Study

GMAT: Analysis of an Issue — Preparing to Write

GMAT: How to Write Your Analysis of an Argument

GMAT: Problem-Solving Questions — What to Expect and Practice Samples

GMAT: Reading Comprehension Questions

GMAT: The Cheating Scandal

GMAT: What to Expect on Critical Analysis Questions

GMAT: What to Expect on Data-Sufficiency Questions

GMAT: Writing Your Analysis of an Issue

GRE: Analytical Writing Sample

GRE: Exam Format

GRE: Final Preparation

GRE: Introduction to Reading Comprehension

GRE: Introduction to Quantitative Comparisons

GRE: Math Ability Sample Questions

GRE: An Overview ofTaking the GRE CBT

GRE: Quantitative Comparison Samples

GRE: Reading Comprehension Sample

GRE: Suggested Approach to the Analytical Writing Section

LSAT: Two Strategies for Taking the LSAT

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