Why You Should Meet Your College Professors

Enhance your college studies by meeting professors, one-on-one. By getting to know professors (or instructors and faculty members), you won't be just another faceless student - even in a small classroom. Remember, professors often teach five or more classes a week, so they'll have a total of 100 to 150 students in their classes.

Get to know your professor's name and office hours (the time a professor will be available in his or her office), and make an appointment to introduce yourself. Professors are often surprised by how few students visit them during office hours for an appointment or for an impromptu chat. Their doors are open; go see them!

You may not have quite as much opportunity to meet an adjunct (part-time) professor. These people are usually respected individuals working in their field, so they have their own careers to attend to when not in the classroom. You can still contact your instructors by e-mail and arrange to meet with them after class.

By getting to know your instructors, you'll be letting them know that you're interested in their courses and are serious about your studies. You'll also feel more comfortable seeking their help if you run into a problem in a course or need a recommendation for the future.

Don't hesitate to ask questions during your appointment with your professor. If you think you'll be nervous, write down your questions. Inquire about their careers, what they prefer in the classroom, and how students can improve classroom performance. By making that connection, you'll see your instructors in a totally different light, as approachable and willing to help.

You might want to try this method to get to know a professor in a field that interests you when you make a visit to a college campus, when you first enroll, or when you have a new professor.