Organize Your High School Goals and Priorities

If you're in high school, you may not know exactly how to deal with the tons of homework you have, the pressure about college, and your need for a social life. It's time to set some basic short-term and long-term goals, as well as priorities, for yourself.

Organizing your goals and priorities will help you stay focused on what's important to you and will help you succeed in achieving your goals. Even students who know exactly what they want out of school need to set goals to stay on track.

Decide what's most important to you and commit to achieving them:

  • A priority is something that is the most important at this moment. Setting priorities means deciding which obligations should be fulfilled first. For example, your priority could be to get your homework done rather than spend the night on your social network page or texting your friends.

  • A short-term goal might be to get all A's and B's on your report card. How do you do that? You meet or accomplish your priorities: Commit to your studying, homework, and projects before you get into extracurricular activities. But what if you're involved in the school play or on a sports team with mandatory practice? You'll need to be conscientious about your time and especially attentive to your studies.

  • A long-term goal might be to get into a top-tier college or embark on a satisfying career with a job that pays well. Exceptional grades, career-focused extracurricular activities, and plenty of self-discipline can help you achieve these long-term goals.

Know that your goals and priorities will probably change as you go through high school. You're growing mentally and emotionally as you continue to develop into an adult. You become more aware of the world and what it has to offer, and you'll discover new interests and passions. Explore them all, but remember to set your priorities!