Improve Your Grades or Get Ahead with Summer School

Surviving high school until graduation day could mean summer classes, courses, workshops, or seminars. Summer school isn't all bad, if you're serious about maintaining or improving your grades. Taking a summer class or two is even a great way to get ahead of the school schedule or to earn more credits for early graduation.

If you're not sure if taking summer classes is for you, see if one of these scenarios describes yourself:

  • You've failed a course or didn't do well, and you're afraid of falling behind the rest of your class.
  • You've passed a class but really didn't understand it, and that class will be the basis for classes in the next school year.
  • Your progress as a student is fine but you want to improve in a particular area. For example, if you want to learn to be a better writer, you might take a summer creative writing class or workshop.
  • You're planning to go to college and want get a head start. You may want to take some college-credit courses so that you start off a little ahead when you do go to college.

You're interested in a subject, but it's not offered at your school or you can't fit it in your schedule. You may take a workshop, seminar, or class on that subject at a local community center or college. For example, you decide to enroll in a drama workshop or an art class. Or you might take organic chemistry, because it's not offered at your school. You may be able to take these as credits that apply toward your diploma or degree, or you might just take them for fun (and not worry about the grade you receive).