How to Form a Club or Study Group

Some schools have campus-based clubs that center around certain career fields. Such clubs offer you opportunities to seek career mentors, network, and trade experiences and information with other students. Look for career clubs at your school or college, or, if none exists, discuss with your academic counselor the possibility of starting a club focused on a particular career path.

If all else fails, organize or join a study group of like-minded individuals. Here are some activities you might want to try:

  • Have each member subscribe to a career-specific magazine or journal, or assign each member a journal to which the college's library already subscribes, for articles to copy and discuss.
  • Compare lecture notes and handouts from classes that are similar in nature but taught by different instructors — if one professor's perspective and methods are good, two or three are even better.
  • Scan recent books for discussion and/or debate.
  • Volunteer as research assistants for professors who are writing papers and analyses of current and historical issues or new developments in your chosen field.
  • Take advantage of your school's student and alumni publications or Web pages by initiating a column that focuses on your field of study or career. Students can work together or individually on a series of topical articles that might be of interest to the publication's readership.
  • Organize or attend seminars and workshops for fellow classmates; spreading the wealth of the combined knowledge of your group to those outside the group. You gain organization and presentation skills.