Celebrity Sibs Mooching Their Way to the Top

All siblings fight: who gets the car, who stole the remote, who told Mom you accidentally replaced Dad's shampoo with bleach, etc.

But occasionally, siblings do get along in a peaceful coexistence, sharing clothes, games, and fun experiences.

In the celebrity world, siblings can take it even a step farther: they share the spotlight. And sometimes, a mutually beneficial family relationship can turn parasitic faster than you can say "Aaron Carter."

Let's take a look at some celebs who have used their sister's status to mooch their way to the top.

Haylie Duff

While Haylie hasn't quite made her way to the "top," she has certainly used little sister Hilary's star power to help herself along.

While Hilary has earned great success as the star of Lizzie Maguire, several movies, and as a young pop star, Haylie has remained on the B-list with bit parts in Napoleon Dynamite, some Broadway stints, and co-starring with her sister in the awful movie Material Girls.

Haylie deserves credit for her acting and singing abilities, but to the world she still remains "Hilary Duff's older sister."

Ashlee Simpson

After a childhood of recurring roles on 7th Heaven and living in big sister Jessica's shadow, Ashlee Simpson decided to do something about it.

With the help of her manager dad, Ashlee starred in her own MTV reality show as she recorded her first album, and her record sales took off. Despite the infamous SNL lip synching debacle, Ashlee is doing better than ever with hit albums, a hot new makeover, and a new husband and baby.

Is big sis Jess kicking herself for helping Ashlee up the A-list?

Jamie Lynn Spears

One of Jamie Lynn's first acting gigs was playing a younger version of big sister Britney Spears in Crossroads. If that isn't emulating your sibling, we don't know what is!

After Brit helped her get her foot in the entertainment door, Jamie Lynn became the star of hit Nickelodeon show Zoey 101. As an actress rather than a musician, she has never had to directly compete with her big sis Britney. However, Jamie Lynn has knocked Brit right off the cover of the tabloids with her teen pregnancy!

To varying degrees, these three young women have stepped into the entertainment world with help of their siblings, whether older or younger. They say it's all about connections, and having a famous family member can definitely help you skip many rungs on the ladder to fame.

So the next time you are struggling with your brother or sister for the remote control, let them have it! Who knows? Maybe someday they will be in the position to put you on TV.