1990s Pop Rivalries, Part One: Battle of the Blondes

The 1990s witnessed some of the most legendary battles in history — not the wars in the Persian Gulf or Yugoslavia, but rather the epic battles for supremacy over the pop charts. Pitting neighbor against neighbor, pre-teen girl against pre-teen girl, these '90s rivalries sent shockwaves through the pop world that are still felt today.

Perhaps only now, a decade after, can we examine who won the historic Battle of the Blondes and the Battle of the Boy Bands.

Battle of the Blondes: Britney vs. Christina

In the late '90s, these two teens burst on the scene in all their blonde and midriff-baring glory. Who now deserves the title of pop princess?

Britney Spears

Pros: Amazingly, after 11 years, she is still making hit albums. She has adorable sons, and even after popping out two babies in two years, she still works it in the clubs and is considered a major sex symbol.

Cons: Her decision to marry Kevin Federline was bad, and the fact that they have already divorced with two young sons is even worse. Other recent bad decisions include shaving her head, attacking a paparazzi car with her umbrella, and being charged with a misdemeanor hit-and-run. Oops, she did it again.

Christina Aguilera

Pros: Christina is now happily married to music marketing executive Jordan Bratman and has a beautiful baby, Max. In the past few years, she somehow has managed to morph from a dirrrrty, nose-ring studded striptease to a squeaky clean Marilyn Monroe-esque wife and mother. Who would have thought it was possible?

Cons: In the past few years, she has somehow managed to morph from a dirrrrty, nose-ring studded strip tease to a squeaky clean Marilyn Monroe-esque wife and mother.


We miss the old Christina! This new one has fallen off the face of the earth, or at least off the covers of the tabloids. You may want to applaud her transformation, but you have to admit: This former teen queen has become, well, boring.

The Winner

Believe it or not, "it's Britney, &!^@#!"

Like the train wreck that her life has become, you just can't tear your eyes away from her. Sure, she's plastered all over the tabloids, but any publicity is good publicity, right? Pop stars should be sexy, come out with hit albums, and live fascinating lives, and Britney is still all of the above. She is just plain fun to watch.

Sorry, Christina. Maybe next time. Remember, it's not over until the fat-then-thin-then-fat lady sings in the pop world.