Self and Health

When Exercise Becomes Excessive

If a little exercise can help a body be healthier, then a lot of exercise should multiply the positive effects many times over, right? Not necessarily. Like any thought or action that starts to rule your life, preoccupation with fitness training is an unhealthy habit. The results can be sick-making . . . or even deadly.
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Digital Life

Five Reasons Why an iPad Is Right for High School and College Students

The iPad may end up being the must-have device of the year, especially for students. We realize that most of the things you can do on an iPad can already be done on a laptop, and if you already have a laptop you're happy with, then buying an iPad doesn't make a whole lot of sense. But if you don't have a laptop, an iPad may be for you for the following reasons:
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Odds & Ends

Tire Wear and Care

Keeping your tires in good working order can make your car safer and more fuel-efficient and can give you the handling and traction you need. Maintaining your tires can be pretty simple. Here are some guidelines:

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