A Blog's Life: Seven Tips for a Better Blog

With more than 100 million blogs worldwide, according to most estimates, how do you attract people to your own blog? Following these blogging tips can help you improve your blog and make it more attractive to readers and search engines.

Find focus

Find a subject you know and love and start a blog that centers on that topic. You're more likely to attract other people of similar interests if they know they can regularly find new information that they're interested in. A blog that jumps from subject to subject with each new post won't keep users coming back.

But if all you really want out of a blog is a way to keep your friends and family up to date about your goings-on, your blog doesn't necessarily have such focus. However, your blog posts should. Make sure each post focuses on a single topic. That makes them easier to browse, easier to search, and more relevant for search engines.

Use accurate, stimulating post titles

Readers and search engines alike expect your post titles to describe what can be found in the post. A post's title is an important factor in calculating relevance for search engine results, so make sure your title includes a few of the words that people might search for to find your post.

Use links

Hyperlinks — both within posts and in the blog layout — connect you to the larger Internet more than you might believe. Search engines examine the links in your blog and where they go. They trust some links (like those to .gov sites) more than others (like to .me sites); generally, the more trusted links you have, the better you'll do in the search engine results.

Allow comments

A blog without the ability to comment isn't really a blog — it's just a digital soapbox. If your blog isn't open for comments, you aren't really participating in the blogging community. After all, blogging is about sharing; you share with the blogosphere, let the blogosphere share back!

Use images

Images can illustrate what you're talking about and save you the time and effort of explaining it in words. They also break up the text, giving your readers a respite from reading. If you can get some video in there, too, even better!

Post regularly, and be original

Post regularly doesn't mean once a month. A few posts a week will keep your content fresh and keep your fans coming back for more. And make sure you post original thoughts; continually regurgitating the gripes, grins, and giggles of others is no way to get people interested in you and your blog.

Give it time

A blog won't become popular in a week, or even a month. Think of your blog as a new, independent restaurant with no advertising budget. You aren't going to have customers lined up outside your door the day you open. Each blog post, though, is something new and (hopefully) enticing for potential customers. Eventually, a few people will try you out. If your menu is good, word (and links) will get around, and more customers will come in.