Character List

The Underground Man The unnamed paradoxical narrator of the story who is addressing an imaginary audience.

Liza The prostitute whom the Underground Man befriended and then cruelly rejected.

Anton Antonich Syetochkin The Underground Man's immediate superior from whom he borrowed money and whom he visited when he needed to "embrace humanity."

Simonov Practically the only schoolmate the Underground Man has seen since graduating from school.

Zverkov A good-natured schoolmate whom the Underground Man detested because of his social success.

Trudolyubov A distant relative of Zverkov's, a rather inoffensive and undistinguished person.

Ferfichkin A sycophant who hung onto Zverkov's coattails.

Apollon The Underground Man's servant whom he hated and also feared.

Olympia The most desirable of the prostitutes; Zverkov claimed her for himself.

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