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The Misanthrope


Character List

Alceste The misanthrope who is in love with the flirtatious Célimène and who believes that people should be completely honest at all times.

Philinte A friend of Alceste's who can see the frailty in man, and who advises tolerance and reasonableness in human relationships.

Orante A gentleman-about-town who is also in love with Célimène and who lodges a complaint against Alceste for criticizing a poem he has written.

Célimène A beautiful young flirt who enjoys gossiping about everybody and who might be said to epitomize the insincerity of this society.

Eliante A friend and cousin of Célimène's who admires Alceste for his honesty.

Arsinoé A lady past her prime who tries to intervene in Célimène and Alceste's relationship.

Acaste A marquis who considers himself to be very fortunate and well-liked by society.

Clitandre Another fop who is also in love with Célimène.