Character List

Vincentio The duke

Angelo The duke's deputy

Escalus An old lord

Claudio A young gentleman

Lucio A fantastic

Thomas and Peter Two friars

Varrius A gentleman attending Duke Vincentio

Elbow A simple constable

Froth A foolish gentleman

Pompey A clown; servant to Mistress Overdone

Abhorson An executioner

Barnardine A dissolute prisoner

Isabella Sister to Claudio

Mariana Betrothed to Angelo

Juliet Beloved of Claudio

Francisca A nun

Mistress Overdone A bawd

A Provost Keeper of the prison where Claudio is held

A Justice, Two Gentlemen, Lords, Officers, Citizens, a Boy, and Attendants

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Angelo reneges on his promise to Isabella that he would free her brother, because he


When I complained about our cafeteria food, my biology teacher told me he wished they'd serve agarics. Was he talking about some kind of dessert?

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