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1. In what sense are there two kings of England in this play?

2. In terms of debits and credits, what are the chief facets of Falstaff's character?

3. What is the chief contribution made respectively by (a) Bardolph, (b) Francis, and (c) Vernon?

4. What are the virtues and the limitations of Hotspur?

5. Hotspur refers to Henry IV as "this vile politician Bolingbroke." What justification does he have for this term?

6.     How does the character of Hotspur compare with (a) Prince Hal, (b) Douglas, and (c) Worcester?

7. What excuse is there for the presence of Archbishop Scroop in this play?

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A little more than half the lines in Henry IV are in blank verse. The other half are in


I just took the quiz on The Great Gatsby on this site. How can Jordan Baker be described as a professional golfer? To my knowledge, the LPGA did not form until the mid-1950s. Shouldn't she be referred to as an amateur golfer instead?

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