Don Juan By Lord Byron Character Analysis Aurora Raby

Young beautiful, and noble, Aurora Raby is an outsider in the aristocratic society to which she belongs by birth. She is a Roman Catholic in a social class that is overwhelmingly Protestant. Unlike Juan, who is also a Roman Catholic, she is a believer who practices her faith Don Juan's Roman Catholic faith seems to be limited to a willingness to kiss the pope's foot, and his morals are flexible in spite of the fact that he has been educated mainly by clergymen. Aurora's faith and morals are firmly grounded. She is innocent and, in contrast to Lady Adeline she is charitable. She is sincere, austere "As far as her own gentle heart allowed" (Canto XV, St. 46), unworldly, and free from envy.

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After Don Juan escapes from Constantinople, he is embroiled in the battle of