The Occupy Movement

Inspired by the groundbreaking uprising in Egypt that occurred in early 2011 and galvanized by the Canadian activist group, Adbusters, the Occupy movement focuses on social and economic inequality.

Starting mid-September 2011, in New York City's Zuccotti Park, the now infamous Occupy Wall Street protest marked the beginning of the movement. Thanks to the early success and news coverage of Occupy Wall Street, the Occupy movement spread across the U.S. As a grassroots protest, the use of social media also helped spread the message, keeping protesters informed and involved.

While many cities have tried to get their Occupy movement off the ground, the Occupy Wall Street protest has been the most successful in terms of size and longevity. The Occupy movement is significant in that it is a modern protest. And even though it is a nonviolent and peaceful protest, it has been plagued with many publicized riots and arrests.

Often criticized for its lack of leaders and demands, Occupy protests typically use the slogan, "We are the 99%." The slogan refers to unequal distribution of wealth between the 1% top earners and the other 99%.