Cliff has answered many Math questions from other students who need a little help on their homework and tests. Browse this list of questions to find out if Cliff has an answer for you.
51 Finding percentages confuses me. Do you have any tips to make it simpler?
52 What's a quadratic equation, and how do I solve one?
53 How do you figure out probability?
54 How do you add integers?
55 How do you use factoring in quadratic equations?
56 What are limits in calculus?
57 I've looked everywhere to find the meaning of this word and I can't find it. What's the definition of tesseract?
58 In geometry, how do you get the perimeters of a square and a rectangle?
59 What is the absolute value of a negative number?
60 A rectangle swimming pool is 24m longer than it is wide and is surrounded by a deck 3m wide. Find the area of the pool if the area of the deck is 324m2. Where do I even start to solve this problem?
61 How do you classify numbers, as in rational numbers, integers, whole numbers, natural numbers, and irrational numbers? I am mostly stuck on classifying fractions.
62 How do you convert a fraction to a decimal or change a decimal to a fraction?
63 I am trying to find all solutions to this algebra (factoring) problem, x3 – 3x2 – x + 3 = 0, and I keep getting the wrong answer. Please help!
64 Sometimes when I'm doing my pre-calculus homework I need help on some of the problems. Do you know where I can find help on the weekends or whenever?
65 How do you convert metric measurements?
66 I'm curious about converting Celsius to Fahrenheit, or Fahrenheit to Celsius. How do I convert from one to the other?
67 In basic math, the fraction bar shows division. So why does this equation show multiplication instead of division? 9/9 = 1 because 1 x 9 = 9.
68 I'm taking geometry and I'm having problem with the angles and the degree. Is there a way you can help me out?
69 The perimeter of a rectangle is 66m. The width is 9m less than the length. What is the length and width of the rectangle?
70 What is the angle formed by a horizontal line and a line of sight to a point below?
71 How many dollars are in 5,000 pesos?
72 How many ounces in a pound?
73 I'm having a hard time remembering percent of change. All I have is P (percent) = amount of change over original amount. Is there a better way of understanding it?
74 How do I figure out tangrams?
75 What are quadrilaterals?
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