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51 What does excrescence (from The Call of the Wild) mean?
52 What does the word covert mean?
53 In Shakespeare's Sonnet 125, what is an oblation?
54 In Moby-Dick, what does vitiate mean?
55 In War and Peace, what does bane mean?
56 In Jane Eyre, what are chilblains?
57 Does mendacious refer to something that is fixable (mendable)?
58 Is kickshawses one of those weird words that Shakespeare coined? What does it mean?
59 You say in CliffsNotes that In Cold Blood was Truman Capote's undoing. How?
60 What is renege, in Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra?
61 What is maxim? I think it's a female name but I'm not sure.
62 Last Valentine's Day, this guy I barely know gave me a rose and said something about ardent love. What does ardent mean?
63 In Act I, Scene 1, of King Lear, what does benison mean?
64 What kind of literature is a picaresque novel?
65 What does culpable mean?
66 What's a cenotaph? Every Veterans Day, I hear about the Queen of England laying a wreath at the Cenotaph in London.
67 What does gallimaufry mean in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? My vocabulary is pretty good, but that one has me stumped!
68 What does it mean to genuflect?
69 Someone told me I was looking wistful. What is wistful?
70 In David Copperfield, what does superannuated mean?
71 Does the word syllogism have something to do with biology?
72 I see the word benefactor a lot in my reading assignments. Is that somebody who benefits from something?
73 I found a funny word in The Glass Castle. Where did skedaddle come from and what does it mean?
74 Does sinuous mean something like full of sin"? I saw the word in The Devil in the White City."
75 In Upton Sinclair's The Jungle, what is the meaning of the word propaganda?
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