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    What current college students should know to reduce student loan debt.

    Posted on 24 March 2014 by Reyna Gobel M.B.A.

    I’m often asked whether current students, especially first-year students should read CliffsNotes Graduation Debt. The answer is always yes. The book begins with a story of how I borrowed and didn’t worry about the money piling up until after graduation. Many of my friends never worried about student loan debt until it was time to repay them. Thus, every dollar of student loan refund checks, the amount leftover after tuition and fees, was always spent. I would have had thousands less in student loan debt if I had thought about money borrowed while I was still in college.

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    How to Find $200 in Your Budget for Your Student Loan Payment

    Posted on 10 March 2014 by Reyna Gobel M.B.A.

    A friend of mine saved $900 by comparing auto and home insurance rates. You may not be able to save quite this much, especially if you don’t drive. But you might have rental insurance. Compare rates of five companies on the insurance you do have. Choose companies that have low complaint ratios on your state’s department of insurance website. If you save just $25 per month, that’s a nice dent in your student loan payment.



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