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Word of the Week: Elusive

Posted on 19 June 2014 by CliffsNotes

Word of the Week: Elusive

Word: ELUSIVE (adj)

Meaning: hard to find or hold on to

Synonyms: evasive, undefinable, subtle, mysterious, abstract, obscure

This is one of those words that has several meanings, so we’ll provide a couple example sentences to round out the definition.

  1. “Richard hasn’t texted me since last week and hasn’t been at the gym at our regular time – he’s being so elusive!”
  2. “This girl in my algebra class is always writing things down in this tiny notebook and making sure no one reads over her shoulder – elusive behavior, huh?”
  3. Snow leopards are elusive creatures since there are only 6,000 left in existence. Capturing one of these beauties on camera is no easy feat. (Source)

Snow Leopards - Photo credit: ©Purestock/Getty Images

Photo credit: ©Purestock/Getty Images         



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