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Moving Home from College

Posted on 30 June 2014 by CliffsNotes

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So you’re home from college for the summer. You’re trading fun roommates, red Solo cups, and freedom for curfews, prying eyes, and lots of questions. Am I right?

The transition back home for the summer can be a rough one, whether it’s your first summer home or your last. However, in order to have a smooth-sailing summer (pun intended), it basically comes down to one thing: respect.

Have a calm and informed chat with your parents, guardians, or grandparents as soon as you return. You should discuss the rules and parameters of living under their roof again. By showing respect for their rules and home, you are demonstrating your maturity, which may in turn cause your parents to give you more freedom.

While you’re home enjoy all its perks! Home cooked meals, easy laundry access, hitting up all your favorite restaurants and coffee shops, seeing your high school friends, and of course, spending time with your family.

Understand that your lifestyle will be altered for a few months – not in a bad way, just a different way! Enjoy family time in your hometown and before you know it you’ll be back with your college pals and enjoying your independence.



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